Acusensus + Ador: An investment that will fuel innovation on the road.

Ador recently announced an investment in Australian traffic and safety enforcement specialist Acusensus Pty Ltd, taking a majority equity position in the company. Acusensus specialises on the use of radar, cameras and software for unique path breaking innovative solutions to identify and create infringements for driving whilst distracted, such as texting or using an electronic device whilst driving, seat belt usage, and other related traffic safety offences. Alexander JANNINK, Managing Director Acusensus said, "This investment by Ador will help further speed up our R&D cycle and support the pilot projects we are currently working on implementing globally in geographies where distracted driving is a significant source of traffic accidents. We are pleased to partner with Ador who will also support us in our international growth efforts.' Ravin MIRCHANDANI, Chairman Ador said "Ador is working on a number of different projects within the Traffic and Defence sectors that utilise software to make cameras intelligent for various applications. Our investment in Acusensus will provide a significant IP advantage to not just our traffic and enforcement solutions but also our current pipeline of defence, perimeter & border protection as well as airfield protection projects." The investment agreement was concluded by both companies recently.


Pictured: Ravin MIRCHANDANI, Chairman Ador Powertron and Alexander JANNINK MD, Acusensus Pty Ltd.