Our Founding Story

We care deeply about Distracted Driving. Not only is it a causal factor in over 9% of road accidents, but it has touched us personally.

In 2013 I received the devastating news that my friend James was killed by a texting driver. Losing James had a profound impact on me and led to several weeks of heartbreak and anguish. When I spoke at his funeral I concluded with the statement that "If there was one person I knew who was going to change the world for the better it was James".

The sad reality is that road trauma touches almost everybody in some shape or form, and my experience is not unique. It unexpectedly cuts down people in their prime, leaving behind immense sorrow in family and friends. Globally road accidents kill over a million people per year.

I wanted to find a solution, something to stop another James event, but it took me several years and several attempts to finally directly address one of the causal factors of James' death.

With some inspirational guidance from advisors I sought to implement the solution and finally reduce the road trauma associated with distracted driving, which causes almost 4000 deaths and 400000 injuries in the USA alone.

I was tremendously fortunate to have good contact with Kamran Khan of the Australian Trade Commission who let me know exactly who would share the vision and make the implementation a success. Ravin Mirchandani brought the necessary spark to bring the business to life and make the dream happen.

I look forward to seeing our solutions successfully implemented throughout the world and the fatality and injury rates dropping. I look forward to James changing the world for the better once again even through tragedy.

Alexander Jannink
Managing Director Acusensus