Company History

Acusensus was founded in 2018 with a mission to improve road safety around the world by providing intelligent solutions to drive behavioural change on the roads, reduce the instances of unlawful driving, and the deaths and serious injuries that result from it.

Using the latest in advanced machine learning technology, our solutions aim to provide a social benefit, in the case of road safety, by automatically detecting compliance problems and providing actionable and reliable enforceable data to our customers.

Acusensus was founded in early 2018 and has since delivered the following:

  • World first illegal mobile phone use enforcement camera program, deployed in New South Wales, Australia. Our patent pending technology includes a revolutionary windshield penetrating imaging system and high performance artificial intelligence to detect illegal mobile phone use.
  • Mobile speed enforcement camera trailers and fixed systems in India
  • Demonstration of our ‘Acusensus Heads-Up’ solution as an effective enforcement tool for illegal mobile phone use, speeding, and unregistered vehicles in Tasmania, Australia
  • Independent expert reports into the accuracy of radar enforcement camera sites in Australia.