Although Acusensus is young, our key personnel have over forty years of combined experience in delivering technology to reduce deaths and injuries on roads throughout the world. We are proud to be providing safety benefit in such a technically challenging environment. Our key personnel believe that road safety shouldn’t be a luxury, and we work hard to try to improve road safety anywhere in the world using our experience in the safety industry.

Road trauma is the leading cause of injury and death for the young working age population globally. The trauma is so prevalent that it touches almost every person in the community. Most people directly know somebody who has died or been injured, whether that be father, mother, brother, sister, friend. For the Managing Director of Acusensus, his close friend and former colleague was run over and killed by a texting driver. Improving road safety for Acusensus is not just commercial and societal, but also personal.


Ravin Mirchandani


Ravin has extensive commercial experience across many disciplines in the defence, energy, security, surveillance, manufacturing, electronics and traffic sectors. He has worked across the globe, with particular emphasis on Australia, South Asia, South East Asia and Europe. As chairman and CEO of Ador Powertron, he is bringing high quality life-saving traffic safety equipment to India's roads and highways.



Alexander Jannink

Managing Director

Alexander is the former Head of Research and Development for one of the world's largest enforcement camera systems companies. He has extensive experience in developing and delivering radar and imaging technology, and has released to market several products from concept to delivery. Many of the enforcement systems in use across the world have had significant parts of them developed by Alexander, particularly Redlight, Speed, Point to Point Speed, Bus Lane, ANPR and Mobile Speed Camera Systems.


Andrew Matthews

Operations Manager

Andrew is the former Head of Delivery and Operations for one of the world's largest enforcement camera systems companies. He has over two decades of Industrial Electronics Design and Manufacturing experience including over a decade delivering ITS infrastructure and services for Government agencies in Australia and abroad. Andrew oversaw the delivery of fixed speed, red light speed, point to point and bus lane enforcement cameras for the NSW RMS among other clients.  Andrew furthermore designed and delivered from inception the Mobile Speed Enforcement Services Program for the NSW RMS.

We are also privileged to work with a fantastic team of engineers, contractors and consultants who are similarly experienced and passionate about this road safety space.