Our mission is to improve transportation safety throughout the world, by providing intelligent solutions to identify poor driver behaviours, and solutions to identify dangerous road conditions.


The team have a life-long passion to improve road safety and reduce trauma. Having been personally touched by the devastation of senseless road death, our founders have a personal mission to bring improved safety to every corner of the Earth.

Our founding team was brought together by the Australian Trade Commission, who noticed the passion that each member had toward improving the different aspects of transportation safety. Between us we cover both developed and developing world problems and solutions.

A particular focus area was the rising road fatalities in the developed world in the past several years, bucking the trend of years of improvements in road safety. As we analysed the situation, we realised that distracted driving was a primary and unaddressed cause of this problem.

The company was formed to provide technology to governments to drive behavioural change on the roads, to reduce the scourge of distracted driving, and to reduce the deaths and serious injuries that result from that.

As we continued to analyse the causes of road trauma globally, we realised that the majority of road fatalities and serious injuries are in the developing world, and the road safety challenges there are more traditional.

In developing countries, the majority of accidents are still caused by over-speeding and drink driving, yet there are not rigorous programmes in place to address these challenges. Part of the barrier in addressing the problem is that quality technology solutions from the developed world are too expensive, while local solutions do not perform accurately enough. Acusensus systems bridge this divide.