Acusensus pioneers intelligent solutions that can be rapidly deployed to address road safety challenges.

Our Purpose

Collaborating with governments and commercial stakeholders to tackle distracted driving globally is our first priority.

Our Values

Societal benefit drives what we do and how we do it. Being true to our core values is key to delivering on our mantra to have a positive impact on the world, delight our customers and to guide our many ESG initiatives.

Acusensus is a leader in enforcement technology, having delivered the following:

The world’s first illegal mobile phone use enforcement camera program, deployed in New South Wales, Australia.

The world’s first seat-belt non compliance and illegal phone use enforcement camera program, deployed in Queensland, Australia.

The first introduction of a multi-functional enforcement tool to simultaneously enforce illegal mobile phone use, speeding, and unregistered vehicles, first demonstrated with Tasmania Police, Australia and piloted by Western Australia Police, Australia.

The New South Wales Mobile Speed Camera enforcement program using 60 vehicle mounted Acusensus Harmony solutions.

The Western Australia Smart Freeway Pilot Program which included AI based automated lane usage sign recognition.

Level Crossing Monitoring deployments for the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

India Fixed Speed Camera enforcement programs using Acusensus Harmony solutions.

OUr People

Acusensus is made up of a team of highly capable, results-driven, dedicated personnel who have a strong focus on improving road safety. This is proven through the delivery of each solution design and program implementation. The team has considerable experience delivering enforcement camera solutions, with a strong track-record of designing and delivering innovative solutions and camera programs globally.

Values Based Approach

Acusensus’ long term goal is to deliver societal benefit. Acusensus has partnered with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) to provide employment opportunities and career pathways to people with spinal and neuro conditions. As well as people have been impacted by road trauma and the outcomes of dangerous and illegal driver behaviour.


To find out more, head to the SCIA website.


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