What makes Acusensus Heads-Up the world’s leading traffic enforcement solution?

The Acusensus ‘Heads-Up’ solution is truly 24/7, it was designed to operate at night time and then extended to daytime. Acusensus was particularly concerned about glare and reflections caused by sunlight, and specifically designed a solution that eliminated the sunlight so that all illumination was artificially provided. In contrast, video based solutions rely explicitly on sunlight and struggle during periods of the day with high glare, and do not operate at night.

The Acusensus solution uses a radar to detect vehicles and takes high resolution global shutter images with extremely fast exposure times of up to 50 microseconds. This eliminates all motion blur, such that the system can operate successfully on vehicles travelling up to 300km/h without distortion.

Acusensus also provides a complete end-to-end solution, comprising both the automated detection and the review service to filter out any images that don’t meet the Authority’s definition of a prosecutable case of illegal mobile phone use. The solution utilizes very efficient cloud processing systems that are infinitely scalable. Furthermore, the solution has auditing in-built, tracking the performance and accuracy of reviewer staff.

How can it be deployed?

The ‘Heads-Up’ solution can be deployed in either fixed or mobile configurations. Fixed sites can be pole mounted or gantry, while also utilizing existing infrastructure. For mobile sites we recommend a trailer based solution. We can provide either a totally automated solution in which offences are transmitted to a central office, or a solution to assist Police in which images are transmitted to a waiting intercept vehicle.

Tell me a bit more about the transportable solution

Acusensus believes in providing solutions that can provide the maximum road safety effect through the efficient use of resources. While fixed enforcement installations provide an obvious overt deterrent effect, a key capability of Acusensus is the design and deployment of transportable solutions for anywhere-anytime enforcement.

Trailer solutions have key advantages over other deployment methods, such as:

  • Extended deployment times via battery/solar/generator combinations to suit the client use cases. Deployment can be conducted for days, weeks or months at a given location.
  • Designed to be towed to a nominated location, deployed and then left unattended to operate.
  • Reduced health & safety risks for operators. Past experience has shown that personnel sitting in enforcement cars were often endangered by the public and motorists.
  • Enhanced deployment capabilities by allowing solutions to be raised on telescopic masts. This is particularly relevant for the deployment of illegal mobile phone use camera solutions.
  • Constantly monitored security solutions to provide vandalism resistance.
What other functionality does the Heads-Up solution have?

The Heads-Up solution can simultaneously capture illegal mobile phone use, vehicle over-speeding via radar point speed detection and/or ANPR based section control, seatbelt offences and unregistered/hotlist vehicle detection via ANPR.

In addition, the same hardware platform can be extended for use to solve various enforcement challenges such as:

  1. Wrong way driver detection
  2. High occupancy vehicle lanes (additional cameras required for backseat detection)
  3. Electric vehicle only lane enforcement (via vehicle model detection and recognition)
  4. Illegal overtaking
  5. Tailgating (close following) detection
What process you have put in place to protect the privacy of the drivers?
  • Over 95% of captured images are never seen by a human

  • Images not seen by a human are deleted in real-time

  • Evidence packages are encrypted and signed on-site, only the authority holds the decryption key

  • Images going to human review are anonymised – cannot identify location, plate, time, passengers etc.

  • Acusensus does not use offence images for any other purpose than providing authorities with evidence packages to prosecute against illegal driver behaviour

  • AI system is trained on a ‘fingerprint’ of the data, no images are retained

  • Acusensus solutions automatically blur out everything in offence images bar the driver except when images are presented for court purposes.

Our commitment to privacy is robustly addressed by our secure solutions and internal processes. We strive towards continuous improvement of our data protection policies.