Acusensus technology has been designed from the ground up to protect privacy
and ensure data security.

Commitment to privacy
Our commitment to privacy is robustly addressed by our secure solutions and internal processes.

Acusensus takes the view that it should retain the least amount of data possible, delete data as quickly as possible, and utilise the highest standards and technology approaches to ensure data remains private and secure.

Our camera solutions detect vehicles and assess occupant behaviour by the roadside in real time. When the camera system assesses that a driver or occupant displays offending behaviour, the solution will generate encrypted and digitally signed evidence data that is transmitted securely to the relevant authority. Typically this encrypted data cannot be viewed or opened by Acusensus and data for non offending drivers is deleted in near real-time by the roadside.

Acusensus solutions operate within a secure network architecture that heavily restricts and traces all access.

Evidence captured by Acusensus solutions is envelope encrypted such that only end customers can decrypt and view the data – Acusensus itself cannot open its own incident files except in special circumstances where a customer provides access keys.

Data presented for human review is anonymised, and Acusensus automatically blurs parts of images not related to the relevant traffic offence.

Acusensus AI systems are designed to learn and improve without the need to store images of drivers.


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