The Acusensus Heads-Up solution detects and captures prosecutable evidence of illegal driver behaviour. The patented technology has the capability to detect illegal mobile phone use, seatbelt non-compliance and speeding and is equipped with automatic number plate recognition.

The system can be provided in the form of fixed or trailer-based enforcement for anytime, anywhere deployment.

The system captures high resolution, prosecutable evidence of individuals undertaking illegal driver behaviour, 24/7 in all weather conditions and, operates autonomously to capture photographic evidence, automatically detecting illegal driver behaviour. The system hardware is compact, light and unobtrusive, permitting economical deployment on a wide range of pre-existing infrastructure or a trailer-based solution.

Key Solutions Strengths

The solution has the ability to capture images day or night in almost any weather conditions (including sun glare).

Detection of vehicles travelling up to 300km/h without motion blur and without distortion via high performance sensor technology.

Advanced automated recognition system minimises false positives while ensuring no true offences are discarded.

Enforcement pedigree, encrypted and signed traceable packages from the camera onward.

The ‘Heads-Up’ solution can simultaneously capture illegal mobile phone use, vehicle over-speeding via radar point speed detection and/or ANPR based section control, seatbelt offences and unregistered/hotlist vehicle detection via ANPR.

Anytime, anywhere deployment

The ‘Heads-Up’ solution has been designed to provide anywhere-anytime enforcement to drive behavioural change and reduce the prevalence of distracted driving, speeding and other illegal driver behaviour.

The solution can be provided in fixed installations and mobile camera enforcement deployments. The solution will operate day and night in all weather conditions and will detect drivers at any speed.

Acusensus’ bespoke transportable solutions provide anywhere-anytime enforcement securely and reliably. The solutions can operate autonomously for weeks or months at a time and are equipped with security and monitoring systems to ensure continued and reliable uptime.

Case Studies

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New South Wales Mobile Speed Camera enforcement program using Acusensus Harmony mobile vehicle mounted

16 June 2021  |  Case Studies

Acusensus delivers 40% of NSW mobile speed enforcement camera services, including the provision of 55 mobile speed camera vehicles.

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World’s First Mobile Phone Detection Camera Program New South Wales

9 April 2019  |  Case Studies

Acusensus worked with Transport for NSW to meet rigorous government, legal and community requirements. The Acusensus solution was shortlisted and then selected for extensive capability testing.

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World’s First Mobile Phone and Seat-belt Non- Compliance Detection Camera Program Queensland

13 November 2021  |  Case Studies

Acusensus is partnered with Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to support their mobile phone and seatbelt enforcement program.

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