Distracted Driving Enforcement Solutions

The Acusensus distracted driving enforcement solution provides evidence capture and distracted driving recognition technology.

Our camera system penetrates windshields to provide high resolution images 24/7, while our algorithms provide automated recognition to detect those drivers illegally touching a mobile phone.


Key solution strengths:

  • Consistent all-weather solution. Almost completely unaffected by darkness or by sun glare.

  • Detection of all vehicles via high performance sensor technology, which also provides accurate speed and tracking information.

  • Advanced automated recognition system minimizes false positives while ensuring no true offences are discarded.

  • Enforcement pedigree, encrypted and signed traceable packages from the camera onward.

Acusensus understands the end to end process, including the defensibility of the evidence in court. 

For further information, contact Acusensus or consult our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Motorway Safety in Developing Economies

We have affordable solutions that can be customized to various local conditions.

With our significant background in sensor, detection, imaging and enforcement technology, our team sources the best available detection and image capture technology to provide advanced but affordable solutions.


  • We help identify specific black-spots (high accident areas) that can be locally addressed.

  • Identify the most appropriate detection technology to match local conditions and requirements.

  • Provide instant feedback to the driver that they have been identified breaking the law.

  • Integrate roadside solutions with on-the-spot policing.

Aviation Safety

Acusensus is applying its significant experience to improve safety on airport runways.

We are using our software solutions and technology to identify foreign object debris on runways and to monitor nearby avian movements.


Acusensus designs systems that are affordable to smaller airports and airports in lower income countries.