'Heads-Up' Real Time

Roadside policing is a core enforcement strategy for police around the world. It is a difficult undertaking that presents significant risk to the safety of police officers and has a limited ability as an enforcement strategy to detect and enforce against more obscure illegal driver behaviours.

The Acusensus’ ‘Heads-Up’ Real Time solution enables officers to safely and efficiently detect and police several of the most dangerous driver behaviours. The solution provides notification of driver mobile phone use and seat belt non compliance while simultaneously referring speed and licence plate identified incidents.

The Acusensus ‘Heads-Up’ solution has the ability to alert a waiting officer ahead of time as to whether an oncoming vehicle is breaching any traffic rules, providing the opportunity for the officer to be located in the safest spot possible to do a traffic stop, promoting safer road use.

Violation images of offending vehicles are transmitted to a waiting intercept vehicle within seconds. The digital evidence is presented to the officer positioned downstream within the Heads-Up RTI (Real Time Interface) window, which is a browser-based interface. The violation image and the associated images that identify critical vehicle characteristics are presented within the interface, whereby the officer can visually verify the content of the evidence and determine if a violation occurred and if a traffic stop should be initiated.

The solution also captures every vehicle license plate through our automatic license plate reader. The cropped license plate image will be presented in the ‘Heads-Up’ RTI display to assist with the identification of the potential vehicle of interest. The solution can also provide real-time notifications of certain vehicles of interest from a list of vehicles provided by our partner, including instances such as stolen vehicles, felony warrants or Amber Alerts.