Acusensus Featured on Industry Leaders Program

June 27, 2024

In an exciting segment on ‘Industry Leaders,’ Acusensus offers a behind-the-scenes look at our road safety mission, highlighting our history and current endeavours. ‘Industry Leaders’ travels across Australia to showcase the stories behind innovative companies shaping the nation. Acusensus’ feature aired on Channel 7TWO on June 9, 10, and 14, 2024.

‘Industry Leaders’ visited Acusensus’ manufacturing headquarters in Sydney, NSW, and our head office in Melbourne, VIC, to interview our leadership team. They captured the Acusensus story from the unique perspectives of our management, offering an in-depth look at our journey and ongoing mission to pioneer intelligent solutions to address road safety challenges.

Alexander Jannink, Managing Director of Acusensus, shares the compelling story behind the founding of Acusensus and the passion driving our crucial work. The segment then highlights the history and development of Acusensus’ ‘Heads-Up’ Solution, which became part of the world’s first mobile phone enforcement program in New South Wales. This journey is explored through the perspectives of Andrew Matthews, Head of Delivery, and Chris Kells, Chief Technology Officer.

Following the history of Acusensus, ‘Industry Leaders’ offers a fascinating insight into our current achievements and exciting research and development projects. General Counsel and Company Secretary Olivia Byron discusses Acusensus’ listing on the ASX in 2023, which has driven the company’s growth. The segment also highlights our international expansion, particularly our first ongoing USA contract in North Carolina, and proceeds to showcase our projects in impaired driving.

Additionally, ‘Industry Leaders’ introduces Acusensus’ Road Worker Safety solution, which aims to protect those in roadside occupations. Head of Customer Engagement, Shaun Miller, presents compelling statistics underscoring the dangers road workers face, highlighting the critical importance of this initiative.

We extend our thanks to the team behind ‘Industry Leaders’ and everyone involved for the opportunity to showcase the impactful work being done at Acusensus. It is a privilege to be recognized as an industry leader in Australia.

Check out Acusensus’ Channel 7TWO ‘Industry Leaders’ segment on 7Plus or in the video attached below. Behind-the-scenes information can also be viewed on the Annex TV website.