Acusensus Founder Alexander Jannink Included in Business News Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs

February 17, 2023

Acusensus founder and Managing Director, Alexander Jannink, is honoured to be included in Business News Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs at number 23.

Alex founded Acusensus in early 2018 after the death of a friend years earlier at the hands of an impaired distracted driver. Alex is driven by a mission to curb rising road fatalities both in Australia and globally. Acusensus technology detects drivers engaged in fatal 5 activities (such as phone use, speeding and driving without a seatbelt), and is utilised daily by governments in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. Acusensus solutions have been trialled on 5 continents and the company has expanded internationally with offices in the UK and the USA.

Acusensus strives for road safety, with an ideal road network being one in which nobody is found engaged in risky and illegal behaviours. The technology has been very effective in changing driver behaviours, and this is evident through NSW’s road casualty reduction following Acusensus programs in the state. The data shows that the number of drivers caught for mobile phone use has reduced sixfold and the road toll in NSW has fallen 18 per cent from a high of 352 deaths in 2019 to 288 last year.