Acusensus’ Geoff Collins guest stars on Highways Voices Podcast

March 15, 2023

Acusensus UK General Manager, Geoff Collins, guest starred in Highway News’ podcast Highways Voices on March 15, 2023. Geoff spoke about the prevalent issue of distracted driving and Acusensus’ role in making roads safer across the UK.

“I fear if you were to drive along any road – be it a rural road or a motorway – this afternoon or this evening, and you looked carefully around you, you would probably notice a lot of people who are not doing the right thing, and frankly, are a hazard both to themselves and everybody around them,” Geoff said, addressing the severity of distracted driving, which has become a dangerous habit amongst members of the general public.

To address distracted driving, Acusensus’ Heads-Up technology is being trialled via a series of programs by National Highways and the UK Police. These trials have resulted in a confirmation of the magnitude of the problem as 200 offences were spotted in checks of 10,000 vehicles at three locations in Sussex. Furthermore, professional drivers accounted for 32% of illegal mobile phone use and 82% of seatbelt offences.

Geoff is confident that Acusensus’ Heads-Up technology will be welcomed by the majority of motorists who are fed up with distracted drivers. “I get plenty of anecdotal examples when people tell me that [distracted driving] really annoys them,” he explains.

Details on how Heads-Up works and its many features are featured on the podcast. Geoff also explains how the solution can work to influence driver behaviour, allowing roads to be safer.

Listen to Geoff Collins’ guest appearance at Highways News’ Highways Voices podcast below:

Article photograph is of Geoff Collins speaking to a BBC crew next to the M1 in England. Photo by ITS International.