Acusensus IPO Featured in The Herald Sun

April 17, 2023

Tim Boreham details the most recent developments at Acusensus in an article published in the Herald Sun on April 11, 2023.

The article begins with a description of Acusensus and its current deployment of world-leading mobile-phone detection cameras. It then continues by describing our upcoming project, which aims to produce a solution capable of detecting those driving under the influence.

“With the help of a federal grant, Acusensus and Griffith University are working on AI-based methods to detect alcohol or drug-impaired drivers by their behaviour,” Boreham writes.

Privacy concerns are also addressed in Boreham’s article. Boreham informs readers that pictures are automatically deleted from Acusensus’ solutions.

“When an offence is detected, the ‘prosecutable evidence’ is retained only for long enough to send the pics to the authorities,” Boreham explains.

To learn more about Acusensus’ latest ventures, read Tim Boreham’s article in the Herald Sun.