Acusensus Technology With Universal Capabilities Trialled In Western Australia

August 12, 2022

Yesterday, a road safety solution with universal capabilities hit Western Australian roads with the cutting-edge technology delivered by Acusensus to be trialled over the next three months.

Minister Papalia called the Acusensus solution the “Swiss Army Knife” of road safety cameras and said “speed, inattention and not wearing a seatbelt are all contributors to trauma on our roads, so I am pleased to trial Australian-first technology that can detect all three of these high-risk behaviours anywhere, anytime”.

“Western Australia is leading the way in piloting technology to simultaneously address the major causes of road fatality, which are speeding, illegal phone use and non compliant seatbelt use. With a widespread program we expect to see reduced casualties on WA roads. That will mean fewer people experiencing the devastating impacts of road trauma, and more people reaching their destination safely,”

Acusensus Founder and Managing Director Alexander Jannink