Acusensus wins Intertraffic Inspiration Award 2022

March 29, 2022

Acusensus was honoured to be announced as the winner of the Inspiration Award at Intertraffic in The Netherlands, the preeminent global mobility trade event profiling the latest advances in technological and hardware solutions.

Commending the Acusensus ‘Heads-Up’ technology, the judges stated: “Reducing the death toll in traffic is, or at least should be, one of the industry’s main priorities. Driving behavioural change on driver (mobile) devices is one of the key issues of our times. This innovation is a solution that marks a new era in enforcement. It’s a clever set up, making it applicable to regions throughout the world and is agile to future needs.”

Acusensus founder and managing director Alexander Jannink said he was humbled his company had been recognised by the world’s foremost thought leaders in the traffic infrastructure space.

“It’s particularly fitting to win the Inspiration Award given I was inspired to start Acusensus after a friend was killed by a distracted driver. I’m proud at how far we have come and how many lives we have saved, but there is still much more that can be done on a global scale.”

Alexander Jannink, Managing Director