Alexander Jannink receives the Alex Gallacher Road Safety Award

January 1, 2023

Acusensus Founder and Managing Director, Alexander Jannink, is honoured today to receive the Alex Gallacher Road Safety Award, “The Alex”, bestowed by SARAH Group (Founder: National Road Safety Week).

Senator Gallacher was an incredibly dedicated and humble man, who was also one of Australia’s most committed parliamentary road safety advocates.

Senator Gallacher’s birthday was on 1st January, this award starts the year by honouring another unsung Australian who, like the Senator, not only recognises that “Everyone has a right to get home safe to their loved ones … every day … no exceptions” but to also let the public see that the passion, dedication and daily contribution of the recipient, is making a substantial difference in preventing road trauma.

Alexander has been working in the road safety industry since 2006. A personal tragedy involving a dear friend motivated Alexander to develop technology to deter on-the-road smart phone use. 

In 2018, Alexander founded Acusensus with the goal to develop and deliver the necessary technology to reduce road deaths and trauma associated with distracted driving.

Acusensus pioneers intelligent solutions that can be rapidly deployed to address road safety challenges. Since launching, we have designed and developed the patented Heads-Up camera software and hardware, which is now able to simultaneously detect speeding, mobile phone use, seatbelt compliance, illegal lane use and vehicles of interest. 

The deployment of this technology in jurisdictions in Australia and overseas has led to significant and measurable road user behaviour change and has coincided with significant and otherwise unexpected road fatality reductions.

The ‘Drive so Others Survive’ initiative is a timely reminder that everyone deserves to get home safe, no one should be killed or injured on our roads because another motorist was distracted by their mobile device, in a hurry, impaired or tired.Thank you to Peter Frazer and the SARAH Group for this recognition and honour and for the continual and tireless work you do to advance road safety domestically and globally. Acusensus is continuing to pioneer solutions that solve road safety challenges and save lives and reduce trauma on our roads. 

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