distracted driver

TheHeads-Up’ solution has been designed to give authorities an effective tool to address distraction and other illegal driver behaviour, to drive behavioural change on the road network.

The system can be provided in the form of fixed or trailer-based enforcement for anytime, anywhere deployment.

The system captures high resolution, prosecutable evidence of individuals undertaking illegal driver behaviour, 24/7 in all weather conditions and, operates autonomously to capture photographic evidence, automatically detecting illegal driver behaviour. The system hardware is compact, light and unobtrusive, permitting economical deployment on a wide range of pre-existing infrastructure.

For real-time operations the images of offending drivers can be sent forward to a waiting intercept vehicle within seconds. For an automated enforcement program, an infinitely scalable cloud-based system allows manual review of AI flagged anonymised driver crops to efficiently process shortlisted images.

Key Solution Strengths

  • Consistent all-weather solution. Almost completely unaffected by darkness or by sun glare.
  • Detection of vehicles travelling up to 300km/h without motion blur and without distortion via high performance sensor technology
  • Advanced automated recognition system minimizes false positives while ensuring no true offences are discarded.
  • Enforcement pedigree, encrypted and signed traceable packages from the camera onward.

The ‘Heads-Up’ solution can simultaneously capture illegal mobile phone use, vehicle over-speeding via radar point speed detection and/or ANPR based section control, seatbelt offences and unregistered/hotlist vehicle detection via ANPR.

Acusensus Company Overview

Anytime, anywhere deployment

The ‘Heads-Up’ solution has been designed to provide anywhere-anytime enforcement to drive behavioural change and reduce the prevalence of distracted driving, speeding and other illegal driver behaviour.  

The solution can be provided in fixed and mobile camera enforcement installations and deployments that can operate day and night in all weather conditions and will detect drivers at any speed.

A key capability of Acusensus is the design and deployment of transportable solutions for anywhere-anytime enforcement.

The transportable solution has the following key advantages over other deployments such as fixed sites and vehicle based camera solutions:

Extended deployment times

Extended deployment times via battery/solar/generator combinations to suit the client use cases. Deployment can be conducted for days, weeks or months at a given location.

Reduced health safety risks

Reduced health safety risks for operators. Past experience has shown that personnel sitting in enforcement cars were often endangered by the public and motorists.

Enhanced deployment capabilities

Enhanced deployment capabilities by allowing solutions to be raised on telescopic masts. This is particularly relevant for the deployment of illegal mobile phone use camera solutions.

Our solutions are high performance and multifunctional.

Each ‘Heads-Up’ solution typically captures over 60,000 12MP images of vehicles each and every day, and the identical solution hardware can simultaneously be used to provide speed enforcement, point to point speed enforcement and licence plate recognition for hotlist reporting. We enjoy working with our clients to expand the solution to include other enforcement capabilities to solve their public policy challenges