National Road Safety Week 2024: Road Safety for the Next Generation

May 7, 2024

This National Road Safety Week 2024, Acusensus is highlighting the positive contributions made by others in road safety.

Today’s National Road Safety Week theme is ‘Road Safety for the Next Generation.’

Amber Community is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to enhancing road incident support and education for the safety and wellbeing of road users – they provide free counselling and support to people impacted by road trauma and education programs to raise awareness about road trauma’s effects on people’s lives.

Acusensus believes it is significant to provide support to those who have been impacted by road incidents and also bring awareness to the public to ensure fatalities are minimised. It is important to educate people on the various behavioural changes we can make to ensure we drive safely and create better habits on our roads, creating a safer road network for the next generation.

The death or serious injury of a loved one has wide and ongoing detrimental effects on friends, family and children, and generates a deep wound that in most cases will never heal. For this reason, organisations and communities such as Amber Community are very important to ensure people are able to return to their lives after road trauma and to ensure such tragedies can be minimised as much as possible.

For more information about Amber Community, visit their website.