National Road Safety Week: Road Safety for Young People

May 15, 2023

Acusensus will be highlighting organisations throughout National Road Safety Week 2023 to raise awareness of the many ways people throughout the country have worked to make positive contributions to road safety.

On Monday, 15 May 2023, the National Road Safety Week theme is ‘Road Safety for Young People’ and today’s featured organisation is Road Safety Education Limited (RSE).

RSE is a non-profit organisation focusing on leading and learning operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. The people at RSE are committed to saving lives through the provision of world-class road safety education programs for youths. This includes RYDA, the heart of what RSE does. RYDA is a whole-school approach partnership that supports teachers as they provide their students with the tools and understanding they need to see themselves as active and responsible road citizens.

The video below highlights RYDA and gives a picture of what an RSE educational program looks like.