UK Department of Transport publishes Report on Road Safety utilising Acusensus Technology

June 13, 2024

The UK Department for Transport recently published a concerning report on road safety, utilising data captured by Acusensus technology at 25 sites across England in October and November 2023, and at five sites in Scotland in spring 2024. The analysis reveals alarming statistics on distracted and non-restrained driving. The findings suggest that there may be approximately 50,000 instances of drivers using hand-held phones daily, and around half a million motorists driving without wearing seatbelts.

General Manager of Acusensus UK, Geoff Collins, said “The scale of the risk on UK roads is now alarmingly clear. Distracted driving and not using a seatbelt are two of the ‘fatal five’ risk factors, most likely to lead to serious harm when driving. The Acusensus technology not only helps to provide this background understanding, but it can also be used to provide violation records that can be used for prosecution or education purposes, which has now been successfully carried out by many UK police forces. If used as part of a long-term strategic initiative, this solution would allow for a measured approach to improve driver behaviours, making the roads safer for everyone.”

Geoff Collins and the Acusensus team are now turning their focus to a further analysis of the DfT figures. This includes examining the varying risks of distracted and unrestrained driving at night, as well as the broader risks associated with van drivers in the UK.

To see more and read the full report, visit the UK Department of Transport page.