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Acusensus technology was used by the government of New South Wales, Australia in their world first program to enforce against illegal mobile phone use by drivers. Since using Acusensus fixed and trailer based cameras the rate of phone use has dropped six-fold and New South Wales has dramatically outperformed every other state in road fatality reduction over the past three years. New South Wales now has the lowest road fatalities per head of population of all the Australian states.

Acusensus’ advanced AI and hardware technology has led to other regional and world firsts, such as enabling the Queensland government’s world first camera enforcement program to ensure seatbelt compliance.

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The Problem
The Global Burden of Driver Behaviour

Acusensus provides advanced traffic enforcement solutions to change behaviours and prevent road trauma.


people are injured in road traffic crashes each year.


people die from road traffic crashes each year.


reduction of GDP can typically be attributed to road crashes.


of US fatalities involve the fatal five: speeding, seatbelts, fatigue, drugs/alcohol and distraction.

Acusensus’ Heads-Up Solution

Multi-function Enforcement Solution

Acusensus Heads-Up uses patented technology to detect and capture prosecutable evidence of drivers illegally using mobile phones whilst driving. The solution additionally simultaneously captures evidence of other dangerous driver behaviours including seatbelt non-compliance and speeding (at a point or averaged over a distance).

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National Road Safety Week 2024: Take Care on Regional Roads

13 May 2024  |  News

Today’s theme for National Road Safety Week is ‘Take care on regional roads.’ Acusensus continues to deploy its Acusensus Harmony TS1 solution across Queensland with a focus on regional and rural roads.

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National Road Safety Week 2024: Drive in the Moment + Avoid Distraction

10 May 2024  |  News

Today’s theme for National Road Safety Week is ‘Drive in the Moment + Avoid Distraction.’ Acusensus was founded in 2018 to combat the growing distracted driving epidemic.

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National Road Safety Week 2024: Protect those who Protect and Assist Us

8 May 2024  |  News

At Acusensus we are continuously working on innovative ideas to improve road safety. This sentiment is at the heart of the Acusensus’ Road Worker Safety solution, which represents today’s National Road Safety Week theme: ‘Protect those who Protect and Assist Us.’

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