There is no silver bullet in road safety, this problem must be approached from all angles.




distracted driving

Identify and capture enforceable evidence of drivers using a mobile phone

At any given time, between 1% and 5% of drivers are manipulating a phone, on most road networks. The most high-risk group of road users are also those most likely to utilize a phone while driving, 1 in 20 of our young drivers are using phones while driving.

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Provide quality enforcement services to developing markets at an affordable price

Over 1,250,000 people die from road accidents every year. 90% of the yearly road fatalities occur in developing countries. These countries generally have yet to invest in safe-system approaches to road safety due to economical, political and social reasons.

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Provide automated runway debris detection at smaller airports at an affordable price

Foreign object debris costs the aviation industry over $10b per year, and has caused several serious crashes. There is an opportunity to help apply cost effective technologies to the airfield, bringing improved safety within reach of smaller airports and developing economy airports.

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The solutions used to facilitate the collection of data include:

  • High resolution windshield penetrating cameras
  • Scene/registration plate cameras
  • Infrared flash equipment
  • Radar detectors
  • Computing devices



Our solutions that help you to identify infractions include:

  • Identification for suspected mobile phone use
  • Automatic analysis software to short-list captures that show interaction with a phone
  • Feature that can automatically eliminate a majority of vehicles and help shortlist offenders.


The final stage where the shortlisted evidence is processed include:

  • Systems to facilitate the manual inspection for clear evidence of mobile phone use
  • Verification of images to be used to fine offenders of the registered vehicles.

Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions


India has over 200 million registered vehicles on its roads. Over 50 million of these were added in the last 5 years. With 250,000 kilometers of national and state highways, road safety and traffic management have become huge challenges.

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